Under Diagnostics > System Status check if the video conferencing unit is not In a Call or connected to a SIP Registrar Server.


You can skip this step if you prefer to use your DHCP server’s configuration. The unit needs to have internet access so it can obtain its IP configuration via DHCP or it can be manually entered. Our IP settings will be manually (Static) entered, in our case we will be entering and under Admin Settings > LAN Properties. Remember to click Update when done.

SIP Settings

Go to Admin Settings > IP Network, this where the information provided in the Ubiety Endpoint Registration Welcome email must be entered. Remember to click Update when done.


To make sure the Video Conferencing unit is registered we must go back to Diagnostics > System Status and there should be a green arrow next to SIP Registrar Server.

The final test is to place a call to co.test which should connect. Go to Place a Call and enter co.test to be connected to our test Space. You should see the following:

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